F&N ♥2021 is a ceramic installation about obsolescence of communication technologies and the trivial things we use technology for. It consists of a clay tablet buried in the ground. It tells the simple story of 2 people that love each other in 2021. The story is inscribed in the tablet with a QR code that someday will be obsolete. Like many clay tablets the message is trivial, mondain, only important to the person that produced the artefact. The archeologists who find the artefacts do not know much about the individuals and about the story behind the tech. But this artwork also speaks of a special time in our history. How the pandemic brought the resurgence of
the QR code. How it affected couples and living spaces. In these weird times, we wanted to tell a simple story. The story of two love birds building a nest in a tiny apartment. Its us against the pandemic with no way to know what is coming. It shows our strong commitment to our young relationship. It says that in 2021 we chose prioritized love. We chose each other to face confinement and succeeded.

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